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CCW Tune Up

  • Introduction to basic shooting skills needed to qualify for a CCW permit in Ventura County
  • Emphasis on basic shooting fundamentals as set forth by the National Rifle Association.

Initial CCW

  • Overview of applicable laws, civil liability, police contacts, handgun safety / handling, live fire qualification, and much more
  • Meets all requirements of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Police Department and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for completion of the training phase of CCW process.
  • Participants must be proficient in the use and safe handling of their firearms prior to taking this course.
  • This course is a qualification course and is Not intended to be a basic firearms course.

CCW Renewal

  • This course meets all requirements set forth by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for renewal of your CCW license.
  • Course pricing includes certification of up to 5 handguns.

Specialized Training

$12500 per hour
  • Personalized training upon request. Training is tailored to the client’s personal needs and lifestyle. Private one on one training at a private facility. Indoor or outdoor locations available.