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CCW Tune Up

$250(Range fees not Included)
  • Introduction to basic shooting skills needed to qualify for a CCW permit in Ventura County
  • Emphasis is on basic shooting fundamentals as set forth by the National Rifle Association
  • Course is approximately 4 hours in length
  • * Range fees included in pricing

Basic CCW

$37500(Range fees not Included)
  • Overview of applicable laws, civil liability, police contacts, handgun safety / handling, live fire qualification, and much more
  • Meets all requirements of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for completion of the instruction phase of CCW
  • Participants must be proficient in the use and safe handling of their firearms
  • This course is a qualification course and Not intended to be a basic firearms course

CCW Renewal

$20000(Range fees not Included)
  • This course meets all requirements set forth by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for renewal of your CCW license.
  • Course pricing includes certification of up to 5 handguns.

Specialized Training

$10000 per hour
  • Personalized training upon request. Training is tailored to the client’s personal needs and lifestyle. Private one on one training at a private facility. Indoor or outdoor locations available.

Out Of State CCW Certified Training

805CCW are certified instructors for the states of Arizona, Florida and Utah.  Call for more details.  

Specialized Training

Specialized training is provided by contracted trainers with military and law enforcement backgrounds.  Navy Seals, Special Op’s,  SWAT and Medal of Valor recipient backgrounds should just about cover what you need.  Call for more information on Specialized Training

Custom Services

805CCW has the connections.  Wether you need assistance in finding the right weapon or EDC (Every Day Carry) gear, we can help.  Gunsmith services?  Not a problem.  We have the right people for the job.  From sight alignment to action jobs to custom Cerakote jobs we can refer you to the right places.  Most services we refer out are local businesses.   Give us a call we’re always glad to help.