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The Sleeper?

 805ccw-The Sleeper

Please don’t judge this gun choice before you read the article.


This morning I did a one on one instruction for multi-state CCW licenses. Only one gun to list. A woman, senior type. She followed me into the range and then she hopped in my Jeep and we went uphill to the Nest. Nice tree there to get out of the mist and learn. And I  learned something.

Mrs. X unlocked and opened her sling bag. Out came a Bersa Firestorm 380. Never held or shot a Bersa. Read lots of reviews. Love hate thing going on with these. They are affordable, available and look and feel like a Walther. Mrs. X said that she had practiced with it a couple times and after a couple hundred rounds through it, the Bersa had hit a sweet spot. She trusted it and felt good having it around.

I ran a few snap cap drills and dry fire drills with it. Stripped it down and checked it over. Seemed okay. Let’s shoot this thing.

Mrs. X  was deadly accurate with this little pistol. Close in, at a distance and just good with it. It was a great fit for her without a doubt. She hung onto this pistol like a hair in a biscuit. Rubber grips helped. Nothing special done to this gun. Stock bare bones and ready from the box.

100 rounds later, no malfunctions and the Firestorm had gotten a new fan…me. I shot it a bit and rapid fire also proved to be no challenge for the bargain banger.

I asked Mrs. X why she had decided to purchase a gun that was so inexpensive when there were so many choices available. This is where I learned something. It seems that Mrs. & Mr. X had lost everything they own in the Thomas fire. House, cars and possessions. Everything gone. That included the firearm collection. They are still living in temporary housing. The plan is to get an RV and live in it and do the gypsy thing a while. Not enough in the savings to start over again. Every day they go to work they drive by the property they they used to call home. They stop and get the mail out of the mailbox. The only thing left standing.

Granted the Bersa Isn’t the “experts” first choice. I get that. But in this case, it’s a great choice, an affordable  smart choice. I highly suggest that you never break into Mr. or Mrs. X’s home or RV. It will be a 10 ringer for sure.  Be safe…

Rex Jones “LT”