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Obtaining your CCW permit is not as difficult as you think...

805CCW provides training for the following law enforcement agencies:

Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department

The CCW process is explained in great detail on the websites of each law enforcement agency listed above.  The process varies from agency to agency.  Applicants need to be aware of all aspects of the process that their respective agency has in place.  Applicants that do not follow directions or do not complete necessary steps to proceed forward will encounter difficulties.

Click on the agency links above to view the CCW procedure details of the agency that is responsible for law enforcement services in your area.  Applicants will be required to complete the following steps:

  • Application – some agencies require the application to be dropped off in person.
  • Fingerprints – Usually Live Scan. Fingerprints are checked through the Department of Justice.
  • Interview – In person / telephonic
  • Background Check – A comprehensive check of the applicants background will be completed.  Arrests, financial and driving record  etc. are reviewed.
CCW Permit

Training – Each agency has approved training instructors listed on their websites.  Training is  (California Law) 8-16 hours in length.

The CCW process for each agency will vary in the length of time it takes to be completed.  Workload and staffing  along with other dynamics can affect the length of time that is needed.