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We are very fortunate to be Ventura County residents. We enjoy beaches, mountains, open spaces and great weather patterns.  We also enjoy a very safe county.  Historically Ventura County places very high on the safest areas to live based on FBI crime reporting statistics. No nonsense law abiding citizens and their unwavering support for law enforcement help keep Ventura County one of the safest places to live.  You’re obviously one of those type people because you are interested in the CCW process.

There is another reason the residents of Ventura County are very fortunate.  That is because Sheriff William Ayub believes in the 2nd Amendment and that the residents of Ventura County have a right to CCW Permits.  You probably know this information so let’s look at the process you will go through in obtaining your CCW Permit from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

Don’t hesitate to call 805CCW with any questions regarding the Ventura County Sheriff’s policy on resident concealed carry weapons permits. 805CCW can help you every step of the way from application to interview to the final step of CCW certification instruction.



Go to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office website and click on the “Public Resources” link and proceed to the CCW section for more information, or click here.

You should understand that the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office CCW Information web page is laid out in a way that you can easily follow. Read the Ventura Sheriff’s Office CCW Policy, followed by the CCW Permit Application Instructionsfollowed by the CCW Permit Application (Download the application and completely fill it out).

Initial application and renewal application fees will be due when the application is turned in. At the time when an initial application is submitted, the applicant will receive a list of live scan locations. The fees which will be collected at the time of application drop off will be the Sheriff’s Office’s $20.00 administrative fee for new applicants, and the entire $77.00 fee for renewals (Includes the administrative fee and DOJ fees). For new applications, the DOJ fees of $93.00 will be collected upon completion of the live scan by the live scan facility. Each individual live scan facility may require an addition “rolling fee”. The fee amount will be determined by that individual facility. The applicant will also have the option of contacting the Sheriff’s Licensing Unit to make an appointment for live scan.

Someone will contact you from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department to set up your interview with one of the Concealed Carry Weapons Investigators. At this interview, you will be asked questions regarding information on your application.

There will be a waiting period after the appointment with an investigator. The Department of Justice will be completing a fingerprint check and a background investigation will be conducted by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department as well.  Allow 90 days plus for this process to be completed.  Times will vary based on detective’s workloads and other dynamics involved in the process.

If your CCW license application is approved you will be advised to attend and successfully complete the required instruction course for CCW handgun. These courses are only accepted if performed by an approved Ventura County Sheriff’s Department CCW Instructor.  The approved instructors are listed here.

CCW handgun courses vary in length and cost. Most are 8 hours in duration and cannot exceed 16 hours in length.  The average cost for a certification course is $250.00 – $800.00. The courses are part classroom and part live fire qualification at a firing range.

After your certification is completed, the instructor will send all forms to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office CCW Licensing Division.  Allow one week for processing of these forms before calling for your final appointment to pick up your license.  Final fees will be collected.


“I just received my approved for training letter from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department CCW licensing Division!  What’s the next steps?”

Congratulations on receiving your approval letter!  You no doubt have waited several months for this day.  Here are some things to expect in the next phase pf the CCW process.

You will need to choose an instructor to complete this portion of the process.  There are many instructors listed on the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department approved CCW Instructors list.  Be careful when choosing your instructor.  Experience matters and the type of background the instructor has is paramount.  Emphasis should be placed on “Real World” experience that will benefit you as you embark on the CCW experience.  Concealed Carry is a serious subject and you need to choose everything related to it wisely.  That includes the guns you carry, the gear and ammunition you use and above all the type of instruction you are going to get.  Ask up front before you sign on with an instructor about their experience and what type of instruction is included in the pricing.

The Instruction Phase will include an overview of applicable California laws regarding carrying a concealed weapon as well as many other topics.  The class portion will be followed up with a test that is prepared by the Ventura Sheriff’s Department.

Weapon qualification is also part of the Instruction Phase.  Up to 5 guns can be added to your permit at this time.  Some instructors will charge additional fees for each gun you add.  You will need to have all guns you intend to carry legally registered to you in the State of California.  You will also need to be familiar in the operation of each gun and proficient in it’s use.  Remember this Instruction Phase is not intended to be a basic pistol class.  There will be an extra day (or more) needed to facilitate that type of training.  Applicants should shoot additional ammunition above and beyond that which is required to qualify.  You will need to be familiar with the feel and accuracy of EDC  (Every Day Carry) ammunition in your chosen guns.

After the successful completion of your instruction,  all forms will be sent in by your chosen instructor.  Wait at least one week before calling or emailing the CCW licensing division.  This will give them time to process your forms and be ready to set your final appointment up.  At this final appointment you will pay any remaining fees and get your Ventura County Concealed Weapons Carry permit.

GOOD LUCK AND BE SAFE.  Feel free to call us with any questions you may have, even if you train with someone else.  805CCW is here to help.