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Choosing Your CCW Weapon



Those of us that have some background in firearms the task of choosing a CCW gun is a “no brainer”. But to those people without any experience with guns it can be a real stressful experience. Unfortunately, many seek advice from the wrong sources.This can have disastrous results.


Being a CCW instructor has given me insight into this topic. The course of instruction that I put my clients through is tailored to each individual. A usual certification is 3-4 hours of hands on training with 150 or so rounds being fired. Some clients show up polished, prepared and perky. Others show up with a gun in the originalboxthat appears to have been just opened. The other issue that comes up is the weapon that the client shows up to certify with. I could give examples but everyone will have an opinion on this so just use your imagination here. This is not the way to start a certification.Could mean an extra day or two getting the skills needed to certify / qualify.


So how does this happen you ask? How could someone have such a cavalier attitude regarding such an important choice? Making the decision to carry a concealed weapon should rank right up there with buying a car or a house. In my opinion it tops the list. The responsibilities involved with this decision cannot be overstated. People with little to no weapon experience may ask relatives or neighbors for their input. Or maybe they take a trip to the local gun store and help for the best. Surely the person behind the counter will have the knowledge and experience needed to competently asses the needs of each person. Maybe yes and maybe no. I’ve seen it both ways. Gun stores with a range on the premises will most often advise the buyer to rent a couple different model handguns and decide based on the experience each one gave while shooting. This is a good idea for many reasons.
Things to consider when deciding on a firearm for CCW:

  • Age
  • Strength
  • medical Issues
  • Reason(s) for carry
  • Style of carry (holsters available)
  • Ease of operation (safety, magazine release, etc)
  • Grip fit
  • Caliber
  • Round Capacity

And there are many more…


I’ve worked with many clients that needed extra help because they bought a gun that they should have passed on. Some get comfortable with their choice after practice and some purchase a different model all together.The best way to base your decision is on personal needs, preference, hands on experimentation and knowledge gained from credible sources. Be careful of internet experts and your Uncle Ralph that knows all there is to know about guns. Take your time and do it right. No Milligan’s in the CCW world. If you have already hired a CCW instructor ask for their input. I give advice all the time. Free of charge.