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Prepare – Practice – Prevail

Prepare - Practice - Prevail

  Following some simple preparation suggestions can mean the difference between passing and failing your firearms qualification live fire test.  Many people are under the impression that they can shoot pretty well and don’t need to practice before the live fire qualification test.  “I can wing it”  sort of thing (no pun intended).  This is […]

The Sleeper?

805ccw-The Sleeper

  Please don’t judge this gun choice before you read the article.   This morning I did a one on one instruction for multi-state CCW licenses. Only one gun to list. A woman, senior type. She followed me into the range and then she hopped in my Jeep and we went uphill to the Nest. […]

Your Mileage May Vary

805ccw-Your Mileage May Vary

  As promised this is part 2 of maybe 3 parts. Not sure of the number of parts due to the fact I actually enjoyed doing this testing, and I learned quite a lot. Went to the range with my new FBI 10% gelatin blocks the other day. I always wanted to do this testing […]

Choosing Your CCW Weapon


  Those of us that have some background in firearms the task of choosing a CCW gun is a “no brainer”. But to those people without any experience with guns it can be a real stressful experience. Unfortunately, many seek advice from the wrong sources.This can have disastrous results.   Being a CCW instructor has […]

Choosing Your CCW Instructor and Training


  I learned a long time ago that there are a lot of instructors but very few teachers. If you don’t get what I mean then read on, if you will.   I have had a long and very rewarding career and a great retirement life as well. I survived over 4 decades in law […]

Have Gun Will Travel


  The CCW lifestyle can be awkward at times.  I’ve experienced this feeling many times.  Being a retired cop, executive protection specialist and hired investigator for major studios, I have traveled all over the USA (and a little outside) while packing heat.  Planes, Trains & Automobiles (and motorcycles), you get the idea.  I have all the latest holsters and gadgets […]

Look Before You Leap – Due Diligence


  When it comes to CCW there is a lot of preplanning that needs to take place.  I’ve instructed many clients from all walks of life.  I have adopted the “One on One” instruction method and it has been working out very well.  Carrying a concealed weapon is not something that most people just think […]

Size Matters: Choosing EDC Ammunition (Part 1)


When it comes to bullets how important is size? Size is very important. So is weight, velocity, barrel length, and kinetic energy. So where do you go to get the low down on what to carry as your EDC ammunition? That my friends is the $64,000.00 question. Used to be that we just took for […]

Face Lift For An Old Friend


After 43 years in law enforcement  I’ve purchased my share of equipment.  Probably tens of thousands of dollars worth I’m sure.  I’ve got the usual boxes of gear (and scrapbooks) in the attic, public storage and the garage. I could fill a museum with it, especially the holsters, flashlights, knives and guns.  If I don’t […]