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Rex Jones “LT”

With over 43 years of experience in every aspect of the law enforcement profession, Rex has done it all. SWAT, Traffic, Training, Patrol, Special Operations, Aviation Security, Executive Protection and Investigations are just a few areas of Rex’s expertise. Rex rounded out his career by attaining the rank of lieutenant before recently retiring. Rex is a certified armorer for numerous weapon manufacturers and has professional certifications from the FBI, DOJ, NRA, and more. Since the early 1960’s someone in Rex’s family has been wearing a badge and protecting the communities in Ventura County. That tradition continues to this day.

Rex is certified as an instructor in numerous fields of expertise including tactical weapons, concealed weapons, explosive device identification and more. Rex has a B/A degree in Public Safety and Security.He is also a CCW instructor for the State of Arizona and Utah.


chris-james-bw “The training I received from Rex at 805CCW was above and beyond anything I expected.  I highly recommend this CCW course and I will be back.”

– Chris J., Paramedic and former Marine

“Rex is a great instructor with a lot of knowledge. His passion for teaching is infectious. He takes the time to ensure you are comfortable with shooting your weapon. It is more then a class it is training to effectively hit your intended target. .”

– Steven Cole, Corporate Insurance

Kim lawrence Rex’s course provides terrific preparation in advance of obtaining a CCW. My husband and I are experienced shooters, but after taking Rex’s course we have a much higher level of confidence in our ability to respond and protect ourselves and our family in the event we encounter a hostile attacker. The knowledge we gained and the training Rex provided is invaluable as we prepare to be responsible gun-carrying citizens in an increasingly dangerous world. I strongly advise taking Rex’s supplemental training courses.”

– Kimberly Lawrence, Executive

Tom Elliot “When I received my CCW approval letter from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, it was a requirement to take a CCW class with an approved CCW instructor in Ventura County, California.  After speaking with several instructors I chose Rex Jones with 805CCW.  Rex is a retired Simi Valley Police Lieutenant. Given the extraordinary responsibility of Concealed Carry, taking a CCW class by someone with REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE is invaluable..”

– Tom Elliot, Stunt Coordinator




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